Glass Plates.
These plates have been produced using bullseye kiln glass, with 'stringers' and can be produced in 6", 7", 10" square or miniature
  Glass Dishes.
This is an 8" oval dish with the flower effect produced from glass line paper
  Glass Bowls.
These bowls have been produced using similar methods to the plates and are available in various sizes
  Decorative Glass plates.
These examples are both produced using coloured glass and are 10" across

Now selling Picture Panels - 16" x 5.5". Sold with wall fittings.

picture panels


Translucent and opaque, light catching and reflective within an endless colour spectrum, glass is a beautiful material.

Kiln fired glass fuses glass and other materials together to slump into a mould, making beautifiul shapes and textures within the glass.

Copper foiled or leaded stained glass involves cutting specific shapes of glass to fit together like a jigsaw to create images, using glass with different surface textures as well as colours.

Caroline Clist employs both these techniques to make a variety of abstract and figurative work. She exhibits in local Worcestershire galleries, sells her work at fayres and also works to commission.

Caroline's glass makes a perfect present or wedding gift. Take a look at her gallery



Hello. I am Caroline and I specialise in crafting beautiful ornamental pieces and plates from glass.

Please feel free to view my gallery to see some of the stunning modern and traditional examples of my work.





You can buy any of the specialist pieces that I make direct by calling 07779 380733 or emailing me on

I make pieces to order so look through my gallery for inspiration and get in touch with me!


Caroline Clist Glass


Telephone: 07779 380733



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